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My blog doctor808 has been around since about 2004 that is over ten years. My orginal blog by the same title was lost in a server crash, never the less most remains. It covers a lot of my travel and plastic surgery as well. I started out with a plain white blog, then changed it with fancy headers and the like. I think the blog was read much more and ranked better before I became fancy. Also I have been neglecting it in the last year so busy etc.

Doctor 808

Doctor 808

So today I decided to redo the look and feel and make some changes. I also decided that I will spend some time with posting new information as I did once before.

There is one thing I like about this blog is that I can look back many years now and see exactly what I was thinking and where my life was. Do you keep a blog? If so comment below and mention why.

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China and Korea the next trip….Plastic Surgeon

Korea with Dr. Lee , Dr Cuvo

Korea with Dr. Lee , Dr Cuvo

The one thing I like about going to Korea is the energy. The majority are hard working and direct in communication, if they don’t like you ….you know it. That I am of Italian heritage, I can understand Korean culture and there ways rather well.

I will stop off on the way to China.

My good friend a Plastic Surgeon in Seoul once told me.

“Older brother, Italians and Koreans get along well and I think I know why” So I answered “why is that Dr. Lee?” He said “we are peninsula people that means Italy has water on all sides so does Korea. So we get attacked by everyone !”


Makes sense to me as both cultures are hot blooded and passionate

There are two things I must say about Korean Doctors if your at a medical meeting. First is always with out fail –follow them. It does not matter what country your in , they always know the best place to eat, the best bars and the best entertainment in that city.

In a few weeks I will meet my Korean gang in China for the annual plastic surgery meeting. I was again asked to speak on Buttock Augmentation in Asians. Some how I am known in China as the buttock professor, though I assure you I do a wide range of plastic surgery. Its always fun to take questions from the Chinese doctors all eager to learn cosmetic surgery.

Till next time

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Non Surgical Liposuction–latest technology buzz

Infinity Life Center is pleased they are designated as one of the few luminary centers in the USA to feature the Ultrashape newly approved by the FDA to reduce fat in selected areas.

This pain free technology at this time is on trial at our center. It is truly pain free and does not require the time in office such as other treatments which compete with this type of non surgical fat destruction.




  • Absolutely no down time
  • done same day go back to work in afternoon
  • NO freezing of fat tissue and such mess of other technologies
  • Can get another treatment 2 weeks after, so no waiting months for results
  • completely no pain during procedure
  • fat is destroyed with sound only—> via ultasound waves

    Special discount

    If you mention you saw this on you will receive a 5% extra discount as this is discounted as new procedure for the first few who sign up. Call us at 808-737-0205
    Remember to say you saw this on Doctor808

    See video below !

    I think this is the best thing to come along in a while!

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