5 secrets to overcome Jet Lag

What me have Jet Lag?

When you travel as much as I do you soon learn to over come jet lag as quickly as possible. Living in Hawaii there is no such thing as a three hour plane ride to somewhere. There is a twenty minute, a forty minute and ninty minute plane ride to the other Hawaiian Islands , but the next closest place is 5 hours plus I think.

Jet lag for most of trips is problem. China, Amsterdam, Bangkok Thailand, Tokyo Japan are the places I have been in the last 6 months several times to some of them. Amsterdam is twenty hours away, Tokyo is seven hours and Bangkok is twelve hours of flight time away. This is a lot of time and the air and plenty of time to develop jet lag.

Jet lag scientist define as the disturbance of circadian rhythm due to time zone changes from jet travel. Yes that about sums it up but I think of it as more of “dead man walking” for a few days after a trip. That means it feels like 8am when its actually midnite or you wake up at 4 am and you cant sleep again until noon when you feel like you will pass out.

So I thought of ten thinks one can do which I tried this trip from my condo in Bangkok.

1. Watch movies , the same one 47 times. In this case I was in Japan Airline and I watched GI-Joes over and over. This will make you go into a trance and you will actually feel rested although you will recite lines from the movie over and over again instead of orginal speech.

2. When your in a town like Tokyo make sure you stay on the same time zone that is from the town you left from. So when its 2 pm in one place make sure you are up in the other place even though it may be 3 am. Act like everyone in the new town is off not you.

3.  Dont sleep the entire time and when you get back sleep for 3 days straight and you will not feel abnormal.

4.  Sleep the entire time you are gone and you feel well rested when you get back.

5. Dont travel and stay home !

Well these are the best ways I can come up with to over come jet lag. Number 5 is a great way, unfortunately I cannot do that and will be traveling more this  year with two business ventures launched which will take some time away from Hawaii.  The Bangkok condo business takes some time and the Hong Kong based web company AiMiYo International takes a bit as well. With AiMiYo even though my web team works across the internet from home I get to go to meetings with clients etc. So ….who is more lucky I dont know.


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