About Doctor808

Welcome to Doctor808  which is my blog about many of my interest . Also this contains  helpful information I hope to share with you. I hope to make this entertaining and most of all I  hope you will contribute. Our friends are from around the world and this blog will be in English and hopefully translated to Japanese and Chinese and other languages as we go along. We are learning so be patient or be a patient either one works for me.

Allow me first the privilege of introducing myself . My name is Michael Anthony Pasquale and I am Plastic Surgeon located in Honolulu , Hawaii. I have been in practice about 20 years , first with microsurgery, facial and extremity reconstruction now exclusively in cosmetic surgery ( beautification procedures).  I was also a trauma surgeon as well at one point in my career, in New York and Hawaii with some time spent with Army. I have had intense interest in the Internet for years. I was one of the original compuserv members over 27 years ago. I have watched the Internet grow from nothing. As this interest as grown , I started  web design/marketing company was well which specializes in cosmetic surgery and beauty industry known as 3Dplasticsurgery.com.  There will be more information on this endeavor as we go along. Our company does  virtual world design , traditional web design and marketing functions such as SEO.

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We hope you will find this useful and be patient with us as we learn as we go along. Comments will be welcome.