Botox and Facial Filler Event- Sanctuary Salon— with Dr Pasquale

2013-06-05_14-38-37 copyAnother event Monday at Sanctuary Salon

Well everyone once in a while I hold a introductory type event for something to introduce people to my services and practice. In recent years,  my favorite Hair Designer– Renee at Sanctuary Salon has hosted this at her place and now its kinda of a regular thing. Its kinda fun, a group of her clients and new ones will show up and I go there with one of my nurses with a box of goodies — Botox, Fillers such as Restylene, and we can talk about anything they may be curious about.

Then it becomes a bit of show in that everyone watches each other get injected. Its a rather lively atmosphere and all of these people show up and are chit chatting discussing the latest gossip or creating gossip themselves. I certainly enjoy the change of atmosphere. It is always interesting to see how others react to my work, which at my office is rather private instead of 20 people all looking around and commenting.

Just to make it interesting I give some form of discount to everyone who attends. I think what I will do this time to see if anyone reads my post is to add another 10% off to my already special event price to anyone who mentions this post and makes a comment on my blog here.

astro boy michael

I do like the way styles my hair as well when I have time—– yes I ask her to make it look like one of my favorite characters from Japanese Anime. used to watch this guy as a kid, he was known in the US as Astro-boy– In Japan as Atom Boy.

See ya there


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