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I have not written in a while. There is a new business I am working on in Thailand called a web based real estate business. This requires a lot of time to get underway. It is part of my web empire I am building (said tongue in cheek). Please have a look. There are over twenty blogs my team and I are managing and setting up so this takes some time. Additionally we are building a new company web site which has changed names to AiMiYo International which is our web development firm. These are works in progress.  Our web company is coming along.

Well back to my report from China Trip. The second part of the China Trip was at a conference in a place called Hangzhou which is outside a few hours of Shanghai. This is almost a resort university town. This was a big meeting of cosmetic surgeons from all over Asia. The talks were good and meeting various surgeons was fantastic.

Lots of Meals in China with Doctor808

The most memorable aspects were the people. I met so many people some old friends and some new. My friend and travel buddy is Dr. Cuvo who is a Genza Cosmetic Surgeon who I have known well for many years. Taka as I call him also gave a lecture in Dalian China with me,  as well his lecture here. His specialty is Asian eyes.

There were many of my Korean Colleagues there as well. One thing about Korea Doctors I know is that no matter what town or city we are in they always know the best places to go. So when in a foreign country I follow them as for what ever reason they are in the know.

Well rather than fill these pages with words I will just show you as they say… a picture is worth a million words.

We will start with a nice video of the entertainment. Notice the mask carefully that the entertainer is wearing. Watch it or you will miss it !

There are some great photos of this event. One is of my long time friend Dr. Woffles Wu from Singapore. His first name is like the famous Hotel there. His dad was a pretty well known lawyer in that remarkable city state.

Dr. Wu and Doctor808

I have known Dr. Wu for many years and he is well known in Asia, he produced a movie in Singapore. We have not seen each other since I visited him in Singapore many years ago. Seems my recent trips to Singapore never had the time.

Again as the only ‘white guy” the Chinese treated me with extreme graciousness and of course and took my picture every where I went. The food was excellent as well. There was special liquor we drank called Mau Tai and it was very strong. This we set on fire before we drank, so we drank fire !!!. I ordered snake which was unfortunately boiled. I have had snake before barbecued and it was very good. Yet boiled I do not recommend at all.

Dr Cuvo enjoyed some snake

Overall My visit to yet another Chinese City was very informative and again growth was every where. As a visiting plastic surgeon from Hawaii it was a great adventure. I will simply share some more photos of the event.

A Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Hanzhao

A chinese plastic surgery student

Model for a chinese company with doctor808

Chinese food dumplings

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