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    Hawaii is a mecca of Weddings

As you may know, Hawaii has a lot of weddings. In fact a search on the internet reveals many web sites and blogs , photographers sites all devoted to weddings in Hawaii. I have at least 3 good friends who are in the business. This is a one time (hopefully) event in persons life and they typically want to look their best for the best day of their life. So months are spent look for just the right dress, the right flowers , the theme and so on. A lot of care is taken for these type of weddings and plenty of money is spent.

“Dr. Pasquale STAT  ! STAT !  breast implants needed immediately.”


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Operating room Emergency Breast Implant




Emergency Breast Consultation

So I will never forget the day a woman came into my office and wanted me to perform what she described as an “emergency breast augmentation” . This was all because the dress for her wedding in a tendays would “look so much better ” if she could be a C- cup rather than a B cup. Well we sit down for consultation and I explained that we could not in anyway guarantee that she would be ready for the wedding in ten (actually 12 days since I am speaking from the planned surgery date) and that there was a risk involved as some people heal slower and the like.


 This was an interesting day

She persisted and I again told her about the variables and it was possible BUT she must feel comfortable with the idea of cancelling her wedding or delaying that. She said it did not matter that much as she tried to convince me that it was ok to do so since all her family who would attend lived here and no one would fly in. Well I thought and I thought about this and she did finally convince me after showing me pictures of her dress and I could see her sincerity to do this. It was “an emergency breast augmentation. We performed the surgery she was actually ready and the wedding proceeded as planed.

Well one thing I do know that no matter how informed my patient was and what she agreed to if she were not ready I would feel part at fault so I am glad that this worked out well.

I have spoken with my fellow plastic surgeons before and we all share our war stories and it seems like I am not the only one with a patient for an emergency breast augmentation.

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