Fat Transfer the new gift from your body? Plasma for youth ?

Another Fountain of Youth ?

I was a trip to Europe for two months last year. I was intensely interested in Fat transfer , Fat Transfer with Stem Cells, Stem Cells alone and the like. There I had the opportunity to visit a few surgeons and a factory that makes an interesting device. This factory was in Lausanne ,  Switzerland. I spent the greater part of the day with a CEO after a train ride who was Italian Swiss. He convinced me that his device works and from what I have been speaking to some of my Colleagues in Asia it seems to be well accepted.

Regen Platelet Rich Plasma Kit

The kit shown above is used to Harvest the blood and separate the components. RegenKit will help  prepare Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma by centrifuge.. This device and system will  produces 4 to 5 ml of Platelet Rich Plasma from 9 ml of whole blood in less than 10 minutes.

So now that you have the Platelet Rich Plasma from the system what is it and what does it do?

Well the good thing is it comes from your own blood, so no harm there. Its non surgical and we like that. The concentrate is thought by some to contain a rich substances such as stem cells and growth factors which may regenerate at some level what you inject it in. Orthopedic surgeons use it for one thing, and cosmetic plastic surgeons use it for another.

In my practice,  I think the best potential use is on the facial skin. This appears in some patients to bring back a youthful glow and lightening effect. By no means is this standard or what we call traditional therapy,  but I believe it may prove to be useful in our quest for anti aging and plastic surgery. It is interesting !

Standard therapy or not I can see little harm coming about and its yet another component of our plastic surgeons arsenal which may be if use.

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