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ILC small blackIts been a while since I have written for one simple reason -crazy busy. What I have been up to is the topic of this blog. Since I last wrote was November of last year. 1 month later I was offered a nice for the Chief of Surgery for a large medical consortium based out of Asia.

What this means is I am now in charge of surgical departments for this international medical group with clinics and hospitals in China, here in Hawaii and in the future Japan , New York and Beverly Hills California. So I have and will be traveling even more.

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My job is basically recruiting, quality control and training of some our new surgeons as well as to maintain the standards of our new clinics/hospitals as far as surgery is concerned. Also I am the medical director of our clinic here in Hawaii.

The clinic here when completed is the largest and most eloquent Cosmetic Health Facility in Hawaii. It has over 12000 square feet and occupies the entire floor overlooking the ocean across from Ala Moana Beach park. Let me say , that if you take a peek in the near future you will not have see anything like it here in Hawaii with a full medical spa, two operating rooms, 6 large luxury exam/treatment rooms and two private escalators. Also central to this has a large conference room for seminars and teaching. This is just for phase 1 of the build out, when we go to phase 2 build out we will bringing in interior designers more architectural planning and increasing the capacity.
Also under construction is a hospital in Shanghai China which not only will have plastic surgery but have specialty orthopedics, neurosurgery and pediatric surgery. All high end and very private. This we are hoping will be ready in Feb 2015 in downtown Shanghai.

As far as my private surgical practice I do not plan to stop and will still see my patients I have for years and some new ones as well. So for those of you who would like your procedures done by me , I am still providing quality services.

The exciting news is the new style of practice all upscale and with a more holistic approach as we are bringing on board other practitioners whose specialty is life style medicine. These services are such things as detoxification, hormonal balance as well as a lot of services geared towards Hawaii’s athletic community such as intravenous energy boost and nutrition which is becoming so popular at the high end clinics such as those seen in New York and Beverly Hills. Also in the offering is Stem Cell based research protocols which I have been doing a while here with excellent results for such issues as degenerative disease of the knee. This cutting edge science is what Infinity Life Center is about in that it is our goal to make sure our new clinics have the latest most advanced technologies. We are adding new technology and services as we go along this year.

Our web site is not completed, but you can take a look to learn more. If your interested please call us and we can give you a tour as we complete this project. Here you can find the new Infinity Life Center web site. New Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Wellness Clinic

I almost forgot we are also forming a teaching center here for all types of beauty and appearance related courses which we will be incorporating not only international faculty but many local experts as well. You can follow that developing web site here:
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