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LAZERLIFT -The true LASER face lift

There is a new procedure available in our office which is not the recycling of what has been touted before as a LASER facelift. This new technology is innovative and quite a new twist which has been tried in the past. It is truly a new type of LASER.

How LASERS tighten skin

First let me explain how LASER or non surgical technology in the past have tightened skin rather then the traditional way . The traditional way is when the surgeon cuts away the excess and pulls the skin to the new location such as in a surgical face lift.

With non surgical methods changes are made in the connective tissue typically by heat (LASER)¬† or radiofrequency waves ( Thermage) which makes changes in the connective tissues such collagen and “shrinking it” . This is only partially effective as physically removing the skin. So no one should expect the same results of a surgical lift, yet depending on the technology¬† used the non surgical skin tightening will shrink various areas and to various degrees of shrinking.

The Co2 LASER was the first to accomplish this by focusing a LASER beam on the surface of the skin heating it and causing the skin to shrink over time as it healed. We had and have one of these LASER’s known as Coherant Ultrapulse 5000c. A wonderful machine that did the best job at the time. Yet there were a lot of drawbacks such as the face looking quite bad for two weeks and persistent red to pink color and of course swelling. In Asians it is complicated because of long term hyper-pigmenatation (dark color). Yet for the time it worked ok.

There were variations developed which tried to limit the immediate healing time and prevent hyper-pigmentation, these were such LASERS as YAG and Erbium and the like and later a fractional LASER which skipped areas so that it was not as destructive. Yet these newer LASERS were not as effective so essentially one limited healing time yet also limited the effectiveness. This sorta was no pain no gain.

NEW way to tighten Skin

Well the new LASER system which is marketed as LAZERLIFT overcomes these external LASER’s by placing the LASER beam inside and under the skin. This basically heats the tissue from the inside so one does not see the same issues that one would see by heating the external skin surface. In fact by bring the LASER beam inside you can increase the effects of skin tightening by heating twice as much surface area. You can LASER the under surface of the skin and by turning the LASER in the opposite direction while inside towards the face one can change another layer of the facial tissue known as the SMAS which is layer above the facial muscles. This is the beauty of the technology, increased area of tissue changes and since the LASER is inside the tissue not LASER-ing the outer visitable skin layer.

The outer layer known as the epidermis and superficial dermis is not being hit with the LASER beam,  the problem with long healing time that one can visibly seen is gone and most likely any problem with hyper-pigmentation. Though healing is taking place its deep inside the face and not on the superficial skin visible to the world.

A truly wonderful new technology powering this LASER face lift with lessened healing time and good results.


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