My technique for Breast Augmentation very finely tuned after 25 years

Video of my technique for axillary

All in all I guess I have been doing breast implants in Hawaii  for woman maybe 25 years or more. In that time I have seen it all I suppose. Such things as  belly button approach, trans axillary with an endoscope, infra mammary approach , peri areola approach , armpit approach , peri thelial approach. I have used every technique and have even invented my own technique and instrument. So,,,,,,,,,it goes.

In the years of doing breast augmentation I have finally settled into my way of doing this operation. Yet more important than actual technique, is understanding what the patient wants in terms of size of shape. This perhaps is one of the more difficult aspects of this surgery.That is to determine ahead of time what will make the patient happy.

Natural looking breast

As example,  I have many patients tell me “Oh Dr. Pasquale I want it to look really really natural” and then show me a picture they like of a woman who has super sized breast sticking straight out high on the chest and then tell me “Just like her”.  To my mind this is about as far away from “natural ” that I can imagine. So right there is a key, making sure that her “natural “is the same as your “natural” and indeed I encourage patients to bring or show me somehow what others look like that they consider natural.

I like to use the internet in my office and from my web site there is a large selection to show the patient as well as books of before and afters in my office we can show them. I watch the eyes of the patient and the body language to assess the desire of what she thinks.

Outside influence

Many times for example a patient will bring their mother or spouse and I have to look at the influence of that person on the patient. Sometimes for example a mother will not want her daughter to have a certain size and though the patient wants another size than the spouse or mother I have to navigate that one. So all of these factors are important.

Just some thoughts.


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