Next Week off to Korea again for lecture and teaching —– Breast Augmentation Prevent capsular contracture my technique

Breast Augmentation Lecture

Breast Augmentation Lecture

Next week on October 4th I leave back to Seoul South Korea, last time I was there the North Korean dictator was trying to terrify the South,  but the South Koreans simply ignored him like one would do a spoiled child and he went away.

This trip will be a short one where I will give my lecture to the KSAS (Korean Society Of Aesthetic Surgery) once again on the topic regarding breast augmentation and return. Usually I am asked to speak on breast or buttock augmentation. This year I am going to still speak on breast augmentation,  but not directly.  My talk is on a study I have done over the last 8 years or so regarding the prevention and treatment of one stubborn complication of breast implants that being capsular contracture.

Surgically removed breast implant capsule that was thick and made the breast hard

Surgically removed breast implant capsule that was thick and made the breast hard

Capsular contracture is a common enough complication that most plastic surgeons dread when it happens. What this is , is when the normal healing process forms a thickened scar tissue around the breast implant. Its really a normal process and everyone has some capsule form around the foreign body ( the implant) and in fact usually it is a good thing. However when it becomes so thick that the breast become hard and even uncomfortable for the patient then its a complication.  This also can make the breast implanted breast appear unnatural appearing like disk on the chest wall.

The problem is no one knows how to control  how much or really how thick the capsule becomes,  though we have some general ideas and everything has been tried, sometimes it just happens. This is not my sole opinion but 99.9 % of all plastic surgeons basically agree.

So what I have been doing is the standard things , but I have also added sound waves through ultrasound to reduce inflammation and edema which occurs after any surgery. This I also believe has some direct impact on the tissue structure as the healing progress proceeds. Maybe its hokus pokus , BUT it does appear to work according to  my data.

Better yet , for early formation,  meaning that in our early post op visits if we notice a woman;s breast implants starting to get firm— We put them in intensive ultrasound therapy and massage. In fact in bad cases I will do the massage myself, as not only am I good and strong I want to learn and have a good “feel” for what is going on ( sorry about the joke) yet I am very serious in that I learn that patients breast and I feel I can then make a judgement as to if we are heading in the right direction or not. Ultrasound and the massage will help perhaps 70% of the cases so my patient will not need further surgery.

My nursing staff is excellent for ultrasound treatments, yet if a patient looks like they are going to be a difficult case I get personally involved as I really despise capsular contracture and I know my patients who have this happen despise it even more. My patients deserve me personally involved if they are having any issue.

Finally overall in my practice i have been able to reduce any requirement for any surgery to correct this so I am grateful for that knowing we are always improving. If you have this problem please give me a call and we can work with you to solve this pesky issue.

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