Non Surgical Anti Aging Facial Shaping The new coming “art ” for plastic surgeon artist.

NonSurgical Self Rejuvination

Non Surgical Transformations and facial reshaping.

This is an experiment I started on myself over ten years ago to some degree. This is real,  the photo quality is indeed better at age 58, but the structual changes are shown from ten years ago, I learned a lot about looking younger in a nonsurgical way or at least minor ways. I have had no major surgery what so ever., I wanted to wait till now to compare and look back to illustrate what can be done. Some people need major surgery thats a fact.

This is the great stuff

I want to share with my readers some really great stuff we have been doing of late and with non surgical cosmetic procedures and my thoughts on that.  I kinda learned by studying myself and my appearance. Although,  we have been doing much of this for many years,  its the way we are starting to combine these non surgical techniques which is the new part. This is just what is on my mind tonight so I write it. I actually have a web site I am making which is more formal– with good graphics to explain and before and afters. That will be done in another few months  frankly I am too busy for now. Call  this human facial art skill or something…..who knows I am thinking what …

What can I call this ?

I am not sure what name to give the series of procedures as a group, which I am discovering are changing many of my patients into a more youthful appearing look as well as myself.  In my headline I call it “Non Surgical Anti Aging Facial Reshaping” . Sooner or later I will come up with that name–some fanciful name which we can all communicate what we are talking about. I named one procedure I do called the “aloha lift” which is a technique to give a very slight lift to the facial skin by injection. It kinda stuck and at least my patients know what I am talking about. Not many here do that technique as it comes from Asia and no one here can pronouce that name so I really renamed it “aloha lift”. I did not invent it I just learned it in Korea.  Yet that one technique the “aloha lift” is only one part of a combination of things I do.

Propaganda is not what I am talking about.

The LifeStyle lift did that,  made an entire propaganda campaign about it on TV and made Debbie Boon the spokes person. When I looked into this from a plastic surgeons perspective, I in my opinion found the name is 99% hype, its a face lift not even a good one–but its branded and repackaged and sold. New and Improved — I hate that. Its not new,  but a face lift simple renamed.

Proven techniques like Botox

Yet what I am talking about is not hype,  but a combination of very proven techniques combined to really give the illusion of a younger more youthful facial appearance. I say a “combination of techniques”  because although each technique does help alone, it is only when they are combined does one see much more benefit than the sum. That means the sum is much greater than the whole.

Abstract thought made simple

Let me explain this way. If we give a pretend “youth point” for each technique and that point represents a degree(s) of making someone look younger., then we can add the values. To illustrate to you what I mean I use this arbitrary scale of “youth points”.

Botox around eyes — 3 youth points

Filler ( restylene, juviderm etc) in  mouth lines – 4 youth points

Fat transfer to face cheek  area- 7 youth points

Stem cell transfer – 8 youth points

In this example we explain  how the combination is better than  simply adding up the effect of each individual procedure and the expected “youth points”.

The total effect is more

So in normal totals if we did all of these things we would help someone by 22 youth points. That is if we add all of these individual points together we get 22 points.  Yet what really happens is when combined in the proper way , with an artful eye the improvement we will actually see  for example is 35 points. So they look 35 points younger than the expected 22 points younger when using a combination of procedures properly.

Artful way is KEY

So when you combine these procedures (all are non surgical ) the final result is looking much younger than if you did these individually I believe and have observed. Even more so if its done with proper balance meaning each procedure is used to correct just enough then the results are fantastic. This makes it an art and something we would use like an artist who knows what media to use, combination of colors or types of paint etc.

How I do it

In the meantime,  I can summarize for you what I do overall so until I can come up with a name.

First I  look at patients face, from my perspective and study of aging,  it is my experience which tells me what to do,  not some formula telling me what I need to do. I then look at each component which makes someone look older. Is it lines here or there? Is it sunken eyes? Is it the sunken cheeks, or the too flat in cheek area. Are the forehead muscles too tense looking. Are the eyebrows too thick. All of this is taken in and I have face diagram that I sketch on making notes to myself. I then take all these notes about what non surgical things needed to correct this and that and make a plan. Then I tell the person, add up the cost and explain the expected result, recovery etc or stages we need to do. It may involved surgery, but like in my case no major surgery, no face lift etc.


Today we have so many nonsurgical techniques or minimally invasive techniques to use the best results are obtained when we combine them artfully,  not by some simple recipe or formula. This is the trick , the plastic surgeon needs to have the talent to see this and see what he or she will do and visualize what the final combination will be. Not every surgeon can do this. Its a talent more so then some standard plastic procedures which  can be measures or a recipe followed. So I think this will be the new art for plastic surgeons,  but like art one must have the eye for that. I dont know how to teach that like I have taught breast implant surgery or face lifting, its more of a “gestalt and art” .

I have used myself as an experiment and I think I look much younger than ten years ago. Each person I evaluate must have a customized treatment plan , my was different than yours will be.

till next time



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