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In the training mode again

In the training mode again

As I mentioned earlier in this blog I would keep my readers abreast of my progress after a rest I had taken after my last fight. I would like to update you now. I started back about 10 days ago. The first thing I did was start with cardio training. The easiest and fastest way is to simply get on my eliptical machine that I have back in my lanai (soon to be garden). I did 30 minutes with a setting at 8 which ramped up my heart rate to a steady 133.  Seemed pretty easy so I continued for a few days. I went back to Muay Thai and my trainer who I have introduced before,  gave me the usual deserved harassment , but very mild. Unfortunately ,at the same time I had the Korean Cosmetic Surgeon visit and he took up my training time which between that and Japanese class i was unfaithful. Yet allow me a moment to point something out about you and about me.

If you want something bad enough and your are really hungry for it —you will find your way.

This is true in physical training, as it is in life. So even though I tell you my Korean Doctor was here and I had Japanese class I was unfaithful to my love, Muay Thai training. I obviously did not want that bad enough. That is the case, now I regret that as I lost a full two weeks of training time. Since I regret I will go starting monday and quit playing excuse game with myself. This is the same advice I will give you my dear readers. If you want it bad enough you will find away.

On the other hand I was not completely lazy. I went surfing quite a few days, continued on my elliptical machine , my pull up bars and even did push ups and sit ups in my house.  kicked my dummy every day with 30 – 50 kicks per day.  I went to the Honolulu Club (our local overly priced gym) and did a few weights.  So I look at the last two weeks as a warm up and now its time to get started.



Today I did  the following in this order:

1. Stairmaster at a setting of 7 for 15 minutes ( by the way this is the first time I did this torture device)

2. Barbell bench press of 135lbs 5 sets and 10 reps each

3. Push ups 3 sets of 15

4. Chest Flys 5 sets of 30 lbs each hand and 10 reps each

5. Weight assisted dips 10 x 3 sets

6  Smith machine squats 70 lbs X 10 reps X 7 sets

8. 35 sit ups x 2 sets

35 kicks on bag each , push kick and lateral leg kick

I must say I did work up a slight sweat but compared to a year ago this was not even 50% of my normal work out. That means I will be ramping it up greatly in the next few weeks. This will be at a minimum 4 days a week and 3 days – 4 days of Muay Thai and sporadic surfing , bicycle and other activities. Its time to get back to my old self. If you stay tuned I may show you before and after photos. I do not want to show you before as I am frankly embarrassed at this point. So remember you like I said —if you want something bad enough you will find a way to accomplish that. That is todays key sentence.


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