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This is one route there are many paths

This is one route there are many path

As mentioned I will keep you abreast of my training progress. Today was an excellent day to incorporate into to my training schedule. I do not care for jogging or running so I need cardio work out another way. One is the monster stair master, which I am up to 15 minutes at level 10 now. Yet I like a more enduring type of cardio which is more pleasant. So today  I added another exercise to my weekly regiment. I cannot train Muay Thai on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I go to my Japanese class, so I decided to Bicycle to work. This will be between 5 and 8 miles one way depending on what route is taken.  The total time is about 45 minutes at a good clip. So riding to work, then to Japanese class and then to home is about 12 or 13 miles and takes a total time of 2 hours. This is because of significant hills.

The hills are fun and one must use their body weight to get up these hills. I am no Lance Armstrong,  but I  can take a hill fairly well. The cardio from this adds color to your skin and gives one the very healthy appearance as the blood vessels dilate up.

One thing that I note about such a ride is that you notice so much more around you then when driving in a car. Especially here in Hawaii the air is so fresh and evening is so peaceful with tropical breeze blowing. We will add this to our weekly routine.


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