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My blog doctor808 has been around since about 2004 that is over ten years. My orginal blog by the same title was lost in a server crash, never the less most remains. It covers a lot of my travel and plastic surgery as well. I started out with a plain white blog, then changed it with fancy headers and the like. I think the blog was read much more and ranked better before I became fancy. Also I have been neglecting it in the last year so busy etc.

Doctor 808

Doctor 808

So today I decided to redo the look and feel and make some changes. I also decided that I will spend some time with posting new information as I did once before.

There is one thing I like about this blog is that I can look back many years now and see exactly what I was thinking and where my life was. Do you keep a blog? If so comment below and mention why.

About Michael Pasquale

Dr. Michael Anthony Pasquale is one of Hawaii's top cosmetic plastic surgeons. Frequently an author of web information on plastic surgery, web development.
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