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Well its been several months since my last Muay Thai fight. I was pretty banged up because of the unorthodox fight it turned out to be and probably my age is catching up to me. It takes much longer to heal and recover when your older. That I have noticed.  I have only been doing some basic cardio since the fight. So I have been very very LAZY. I went to Prague CZ and Amsterdam as well as Geneve as I previously wrote. I became very ill for 5 days there with a dental abscess, this virtually wiped me out. In fact,  I was so ill that I turned pale white, dropped my blood pressure and pulse rate of 144 at one point. Finally in I found a dentist after a root canal that failed earlier  in Praque and dentist who extracted the tooth. My training’s schedule was thrown off and well, the old laziness set in. So for the last few weeks I have been trying to gather up the energy to get going again and now I am ready.

Here I go again

Here I go again

I will share with my kind readers my training this time. I will show you details on how I transform myself. Although I am a plastic surgeon and have been accused of creating artificial beauty through unnatural means –plastic surgery. I do know one thing. The best transformation is through physical training and proper diet. If I document this maybe a few of my dear readers will see an interesting transformation and be inspired.

Well I feel rather anxious about exposing myself on the Internet so I better pull this off. If not you will see what a failure I can be or not. Then I suppose my dear readers you will not be inspired.

One can accomplish so much with exercise and diet in improving ones appearance that it amazes me. Yet of course exercise does not always work. for example a woman has had a baby and her skin stretches and will not retract,  a tummy tuck may be in order. Yet combined with exercise its always better. The results of a person exercise plus plastic surgery is very good.

Yet with pure exercise you can accomplish a lot. Take for example the two photos below which are of  the same person:

Before and After Exercise

The above picture illustrates well what can be changed with exercise in about 12 weeks without plastic surgery. There is no magic only discipline. This was accomplished with 3 – 4 nights a week of kickboxing training. No weight training was done with this transformation. Yet diet played a huge role as well. The one on the left has hair and the one on the right does not but the difference can be still seen.

Not only does the body benefit but the facial features do as well. Lets look at the many faces of the same person as seen  below. Hairstyles, weight changes and of course lightening can enter in the picture all can change appearance a lot as well.

Different People or Different levels of exercise ???

Different People or Different levels of exercise ???

These pictures of yours truly were not taken like ten years apart although some were a two years or so ago. Yet the surprising thing is that the younger looking pictures were taken after some of the older pictures. To really illustrate this look at the facial picture below:

Latest Picture less than 3 months ago

Latest Picture less than 3 months ago

I was training for a muay thai fight in the above picture so my physical condition and shape were at the top in the scale. As you can  see the face is more youthful. The point of this is that good exercise and diet can make for great changes that plastic surgery cannot.

Well to give my readers an idea of my training to undertake I will begin tomorrow with 1 hour of surf & swimming and then to work. After work I will go to my Muay Thai training as noted in this blog elsewhere. The training will be about two – three hours of jump rope, bag drills and other normal activities like 100 sit ups. That will be enough for first day back. I will add weight training and other activities as I go along for the next few months.

Most important is diet. This has to be individualized for each person. What works for me may not work for you. So for example I am very carbohydrate sensitive so to lose weight I have to approach an extremely low carbohydrate intake. So I switched to complex carbs like oat meal in the morning. Resistance training is very important to lose weight as you have to shift to having a higher percentage of muscle. To build muscle you must use resistance training like weight lifting. The reason why this is so important to weight loss is something called Basal Metabolic Rate. That is the rate you burn calories when not doing anything. So since fat burns no calories in this basal state and muscle does burn calories when doing nothing. You want to keep your muscle up and your fat down.

Well we will let you know dear reader how this goes. I will make updates over the next 12 weeks or so. My weight now is 192 lbs and body fat is about 15%. I need to get down to around 9-11% and 180Lbs.

Plastic Surgery can do a tremendous amount as well. Liposuction makes the job of looking better easier. If men for example have that spare tire around the waist. They can loose that with proper exercise and diet. The problem is in some people when they do lose that their face is so thin or other parts of their body become so thin it does not look right. They look like a skeleton except around the waist. These people are the perfect candidates for liposuction in that specific area.

Well as stated I will keep you informed and hope I can inspire some of my readers to get up and exercise.


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