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ILC small blackIts been a while since I have written for one simple reason -crazy busy. What I have been up to is the topic of this blog. Since I last wrote was November of last year. 1 month later I was offered a nice for the Chief of Surgery for a large medical consortium based out of Asia.

What this means is I am now in charge of surgical departments for this international medical group with clinics and hospitals in China, here in Hawaii and in the future Japan , New York and Beverly Hills California. So I have and will be traveling even more.

talk china
My job is basically recruiting, quality control and training of some our new surgeons as well as to maintain the standards of our new clinics/hospitals as far as surgery is concerned. Also I am the medical director of our clinic here in Hawaii.

The clinic here when completed is the largest and most eloquent Cosmetic Health Facility in Hawaii. It has over 12000 square feet and occupies the entire floor overlooking the ocean across from Ala Moana Beach park. Let me say , that if you take a peek in the near future you will not have see anything like it here in Hawaii with a full medical spa, two operating rooms, 6 large luxury exam/treatment rooms and two private escalators. Also central to this has a large conference room for seminars and teaching. This is just for phase 1 of the build out, when we go to phase 2 build out we will bringing in interior designers more architectural planning and increasing the capacity.
Also under construction is a hospital in Shanghai China which not only will have plastic surgery but have specialty orthopedics, neurosurgery and pediatric surgery. All high end and very private. This we are hoping will be ready in Feb 2015 in downtown Shanghai.

As far as my private surgical practice I do not plan to stop and will still see my patients I have for years and some new ones as well. So for those of you who would like your procedures done by me , I am still providing quality services.

The exciting news is the new style of practice all upscale and with a more holistic approach as we are bringing on board other practitioners whose specialty is life style medicine. These services are such things as detoxification, hormonal balance as well as a lot of services geared towards Hawaii’s athletic community such as intravenous energy boost and nutrition which is becoming so popular at the high end clinics such as those seen in New York and Beverly Hills. Also in the offering is Stem Cell based research protocols which I have been doing a while here with excellent results for such issues as degenerative disease of the knee. This cutting edge science is what Infinity Life Center is about in that it is our goal to make sure our new clinics have the latest most advanced technologies. We are adding new technology and services as we go along this year.

Our web site is not completed, but you can take a look to learn more. If your interested please call us and we can give you a tour as we complete this project. Here you can find the new Infinity Life Center web site. New Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Wellness Clinic

I almost forgot we are also forming a teaching center here for all types of beauty and appearance related courses which we will be incorporating not only international faculty but many local experts as well. You can follow that developing web site here:
Till next time


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China Plastic Surgery Conference

I recently returned from China for about the 5th time. I was invited to one of the largest Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Conferences in China to give a lecture as a “professor” . This year it was held in Hangzhou which is about an hour or so from Shanghai.

I was with the Korean Cosmetic  Surgery Society as my “gang” who I have been with for a number of years. There were  about 40 Korean Cosmetic Surgeons going and I was the one American with that group. I am used to their routine . One secret as not to be bored at a plastic or cosmetic surgery meeting is to hang out with the Koreans. They know everything about every place and all the cool things to do, food , good entertainment etc. Hanging out with American Plastic Surgeons is as about as much fun as getting your tooth pulled. Instead  I enjoy the food and  the socializing Korean Style. Of course I also was with the Chinese surgeons but my core group has been the Koreans. There were only two Americans there my self and Bob Peterson of Athena Clinics shown below.

Dr Peterson -Dr Sun -ME

Dr Peterson -Dr Sun -ME


The First World Hotel

First we arrived in Korea and stayed a very nice Hotel overnight. Rested and the next day left for Hangzhou. I was greeted by a famous Chinese television personality at the airport and she escorted us to the Hotel. This event was held at a definitely strange place called the “First World Hotel”  funny name admittedly , but it was an extremely extravagant place and like most things in China –HUGE.

It was decorated in Thailand Decor which only added to the weirdness with elephants. oversize chairs and yet put together in a very odd fashion. Yet it was facility which could hold that many people. So overall it was very nice. The staff was pleasant and food was marginal for my taste. The buffet was rather bland.

Actually it was rather nice place for this type of event considering the size needed for so many doctors and various business interest. Hangzhou I did not get much a feel for as I spend 99% of my time in the hotel but did get a a few times. Its a large city (what city in China is not) of about 3 million people. Seemed not too modern but not too old either seemed to have some colonial architecture remaining with a lot of tall medium size buildings.

One of my colleagues and I took a trip to look for some good food and we found this large place with many floors of rooms much like a multistory hotel. You enter and are greeted where they take you to an ordering room with many types of seafood in water tanks or beef, pork and vegetables you pick from. They will cook it and bring you to a private dining room. There they have your own private waitress and two tables. One table is just for tea with all the tea set and water heater for tea and the other is typical high end Chinese dining table with the rotating center to share food. All the while the waitress stands by and you receive the food you picked out downstairs cooked as you requested. More later on this.

The plastic surgery conference

Well there were two days of lectures on many topics ranging from cosmetic procedures to reconstructive procedures and research. Mostly from Asia but three of us were from the west. One fellow from Australia and two from America. Some were also from Japan and Korea as well.

small lecture

eiju small lecture

small wu lecture


There were so many lectures some were quite good,  such as Dr Wu Taiwan above who describes his endoscopic face life technique. So this conference was great learning for all. Additionally I went to Shanghai,  as consultant and will be making arrangements to work there as a Plastic Surgeon several times a year. I will cover that more in my next installment onthis  China Trip.

This trip was better than expected and I made a lot new friends which is the main reason aside from education I like these conferences. I really like China.





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Tape Test Military Liposuction in the News –doctor808

lipo inches copyActual Fat Removed

Last week I received a call from an associated press reporter,  Julie Watson  inquiring about Liposuction for the military to meet the guidelines and the Tape Test. Apparently she had found my web site and found the information useful. This has happened before with another reporter working for Diane Sawyer I believe,  who unfortunately had an accident before the story was aired. She recovered thank God but recognized early the magnitude of this story. Her name was Libby, and used to be my Facebook friend,  but I cannot recall her last name– very nice lady.

15 minutes of fame ?

So today I was surprised to come in my office and have a stack of messages from reporters around the globe who wanted to interview me. Some were from London Times, Los Angeles papers and interesting enough one from Al Jazera, (which apparently my staff wrote the wrong phone number down). So I hope they don’t think I was snubbing them,  since I could not call them back with the wrong number. Muslims and Middle Easterners need liposuction as well so I considered it a compliment to receive a call from the middle east most famous CNN type network. Anyway who does not love attention and a chance to tell people what you can do? This was great. I try to be humble but I must say  “YAY !”.


I love Google  ( today anyway)

So if you type “Pasquale Liposuction” in the Google search box at least while this is being written what you will see is about 7 pages of Google search results with my name and the word liposuction appearing in over 200 articles in various publications from Fox News to the Washington Post.

What stirred up this issue is apparently a lot of people have mixed feelings about Liposuction to pass a military standards test. Some think its cheating , even one reporter from ABC asked me that. Others think its career saving and needs to be paid for by the military. Some think the military is cruel to enforce standards and others think the tape test is simply not good enough and be thrown out. My point is the reason it made big news is for one is fed through the wire service and second its controversial and gets people interested.

The reality strikes –it removes inches !

Aside from the controversy and great moral issues involved that would challenge any bioethist or Philosopher from Plato to Hippocrates as I said in my quote:

“Its just liposuction for gods sake “.

That is what it is. A person comes in and has to be 2 inches smaller around the waist to pass the tape test. We suck out the fat and they are 2 inches smaller around the waist for example. Low risk procedure, does not change their life except maybe get them past the tape the test and it will not allow a Private in the Army to be promoted to a General the next day after liposuction. So I really don’t understand all the hub bub about it. Its effective and I just do my job trying not to get into all the controversy.

Those who think its the devils tool and cheating–dont do it. Those who need the extra help then do it. Pretty simple.

What I can say is :

  1. Yes there are those who are in great shape who still have that extra inch or two and if the tape test does not reflect they are not overweight but erroneously appears they are. This is a minority with the wrong non standard proportions.
  2. There are those who could lose it,  but for whatever reason did not and may lose their job over the test.

3. It does work and poses little risk.

4. I have seen an increase in military patients coming in for this in the last two years due           to the tightening of the standards due to military cutbacks and down sizing somewhat.

Those are the facts , other than  that society and the military will make its own decisions about this. My only suggestion and I believe that some of the services like the Air force if an airman fails the tape test and looks in shape,  they send him/her to the medical board for individual assessment. That’s a great idea and one that they used to do I believe when I was in the military in all branches.

I am not against the military tape test as screening tool at all , as it does apply to most people its the ones who do not fit nicely in the Bell curve which do get hurt perhaps.




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