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Back home today ready for my clinic tomorrow

Well I promised myself I would keep up with my blog and add something new at least once a week. So I just returned from Asia –South Korea-Hong Kong and Thailand. My trip to Korea as mentioned was for the annual KSAS society meeting where I spoke on Breast and Buttock Augmentation. This has been an annual event for me for the last few years. Typically we all meet have several dinners , give each other welcoming speeches and share some new or old knowledge among colleagues.

Dr. Wu From Taiwan

Dr. Wu From Taiwan

Live Surgery of Endoscopic Facial Surgery

This year there were some Live Demonstration Surgeries performed.  One by Dr. Wu  from Taiwan in which he presented his techniques for endoscopic facial plastic surgery. This was especially popular and well attended. This surgery was shown in live video in the conference rooms as well as those who attended  in the operating room.

Firefox 3I met Dr Wu’s staff and they were well trained nurses and most delightful individuals.  At some point I will want to visit this clinic, I have never been to Taiwan so I will look forward to going there.

Hair Removal and Skin Care

There were topics ranging from LASER HAIR removal presented , on very nice talk from Dr. Eiju Ashta from Japan, she presented her clinics experience in hair removal and pointed out some of the difference between medical LASERS used by physicians and the ones used by beauty parlors in her country. Also noted was her thoughts on “terminal hair”. Other topics were new applications of Botox and skin care as well. These all combined with the surgical procedures discussed made for a well rounded educational meeting.

My Talks– Buttock and Breast Augmentations

This year my talk was again on Breast Augmentation along with Buttock Augmentation. I presented over 1000 cases and complication rates all done using my technique. My experience as a breast implant surgeon is significant so that is why that is my usual topic. Hawaii being a beach town there are many cases here as body cosmetic surgery is important here. As far as American plastic surgeons due to my location I have a lot of experience with Asians which most USA platic surgeons do not have since Hawaii is 70% Asian people.

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Silicone Buttock Implant

Shown to the left is a silicone buttock implant which I use on many of my cases. This is firm but when placed under the muscle does not feel unnatural.

Buttock Implants is not a common procedure so I also can contribute my teaching on this topic since I have done this procedure over 15 years with good result. Its one of the more difficult procedures unless you       have experience. My case load is rather significant. Unfortunately I use a Mac computer so my video of the procedure could not be played which was disappointment.

I also taught the Buttock Augmentation course in Busson South Korea several years ago. Overall I think its a great procedure though if it is not done correctly it looks like a disaster as shown on some of those horrid Yotube videos. So fat transfer has become more popular due this fear.

Excellent Long Term result for Body Sculpture

6 pack abdomen from Liposculpture

6 pack abdomen from Liposculpture


Sorry but the picture is grainy , click on it for more detail. Yet believe me this outcome was very impressive.

One of the most outstanding presentations there was by Dr. Taksu. He did an excellent and entertaining video on the history of liposcution. He then showed his own body and the liposculture of his 6 pack and increase in pecs with fat transfer. This was the long term result and I must admit I have to try this on some of my patients soon. I was truly impressed. My machine the tickle lipo is suppose to be an excellent intstrument for this sculpting. It felt natural and better result than I expected.  Take a carefull look at this fellows abodomen. See the 6 pack ?




Social Side of Trip

As is usual the case in Korea the food was excellent as was the social interactions with my colleges was fun sharing war stories of cosmetic practices.   I went to a different meal each evening of Korean Food , some fine beverage and even Karaoke. I cannot sing so I refused when offered the opportunity. I did enjoy the other doctors and staff singing , many are very good !  I have included a few photos below for your viewing. Next I was off the Hong Kong which I which I will follow up with another post.

Regards Doctor 808 !

Welcome Dinner


Dinner with the Society, This is Dr. Wu’s Nurse Tzuyo.

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