Military —Liposuction to pass the tape test.

Meet the Military Tape Test with Liposuction

One of the procedures I have done for many years is liposuction. Many of my patients are military patients who cannot pass the tape test.When a soldier or sailor ,marine or air force person goes before the retention or promotion board they want to make sure they are fit for military standards.

This can involve exercise tolerance testing  and indeed if there is a question they will have measurements taken. If they don’t have the proper measurements for example the waist is 42 inches but needs to be below 38 inches they cannot continue their career or lose the promotion. Many times certain military personnel can be in great shape,  but have excess fat only around the waist. This does happen and if they lose that fat the rest of the body looks like a skeleton. So simple weight loss may not be a good solution.

In  these cases liposuction has proven again and again to be a great solution providing they get liposuction in enough time before the tape test.

I can play the fortune teller !

Since I have been doing this many years (over 20) and have been in the military myself I have developed a special talent. When I see a soldier I am very good at predicting how many inches I can take off. In other words when a soldier comes in I can feel around and predict with pretty good accuracy how many inches they will be after liposuction. I cannot guarantee anything as Doctors cannot give any guarantee as its considered unethical.

I can be the hero too ,,,,,

Yet when a military person comes in and says “I missed my tape test by two inches or three inches” I have no problem giving my opinion and say “I think I can take off about 3 inches for example. This is kinda fun as I get the be the hero who saves this persons career.

The picture below illustrates well what I am talking about. Here I had a soldier who was actually 6 inches off the tape measurement. I liposuctioned one side and left the other before I did the other side took this picture. So as you can see on the front I got it down about 4 cm, another was 2 inches off the side and finally 2 inches off the back for a total of 8 inches of mid line fat. This guy is rather happy and passed his tape test and I am the hero !!  So take a look , but this is picture is copyrighted so do not use it.

If you or you have a friend who may  benefit from this procedure give us call or email us about more info, we may be able to help ! I think this picture says it all. See our plastic surgery web site.



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