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Cool new web site

We have been working hard on and off for the last 6 months to get a new web site ready. This site we hope will be seen as state of the art. Looking across the Internet at other plastic surgeons web sites we are thinking we are doing rather well. This web site is graphically improved and has some of the latest bells and whistles such as we are adding videos.

300 Articles !

The text and articles are slowly being re written and we will be adding new information. One thing we are doing is tying all our social media accounts, our YouTube account and looking to improve all information for our patients. With in a month we will be starting a regular news letter and integrating our iPhone app.

Suggestions wanted

If any of my readers spend some time there looking around and can make any suggestions or find errors just send us and email. I may very well give a nice prize for any suggestions we use.

Oh and if you stop by please like us on Face Book and Google plus

You can find us at which is domain name I have owned for almost 20 years so you can get an idea how long I have had a website. This site has gone through 100’s of modifications over the yeas and has to be one of the longest running plastic surgeon’s web sites in the world- no joke.

The reason the name is NERVE.ORG is I at one time was a peripheral nerve micro surgeon formally trained in facial nerve repair. I have since limited myself to cosmetic surgery in the last ten years.

So take a look.

Nerve Web Site






About Michael Pasquale

Dr. Michael Anthony Pasquale is one of Hawaii's top cosmetic plastic surgeons. Frequently an author of web information on plastic surgery, web development.
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